the “Doomsday” OUR TEAM AMAZING CHALLENGE Elite trials


Elite trials of the “Doomsday”

Teams : (teams GCU and EFO )  Enoy Us And Enoy The Game

A new robbery brought us and new challenges – just three elite tests . One at the end of each of the acts. We offer your attention to our (teams GCU and EFO ) selection of the performance of all three. Unlike the “old” robberies, in the “Judgment Day” you can perform them as a two, or three or four. We passed four of them. Since with a full composition, the chances of showing the best result over time are much higher. One of the main “chips” of our videos, this is a picture from several players in one video at once. This will help visually demonstrate the interaction of participants in different segments of the robbery. In the future, we will continue to improve our technique and tactics. So on the horizon new results and records!

Terms of fulfillment and remuneration

Players can retake these tests to become an “elite” and at the same time earn a game currency ( 50,000 GTA $ ). Elite tests can be performed only at normal or high level of complexity. To receive a bonus, players should not use the “Quick restart” and “Skip the trip”.

Data leakage

All participants must complete the task in 6 minutes and together kill 78 enemies, never losing a life to receive a bonus of $ 50,000 GTA $.

Operation Bogdan

Avenger should receive no more than 5% of the damage, and all participants must complete the task in 15 minutes, never losing a life to get a bonus of $ 50,000 GTA $.

Scenario of “Doomsday”

All participants must complete the task in 30 minutes and together kill 150 enemies by hitting the head, never losing a life and making no mistake in the mini-game to break in order to get a bonus of $ 50,000 GTA $.

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