GTA 5 Money Hack, Cheats, Glitches & Tools Online

GTA 5 Money Hack, Cheats, Glitches & Tools Online

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gta 5 money cheats
GTA 5 Money is the primary currency of the Grand Theft Auto V Game, and it can be used primarily for many purposes like upgrading your weapons, ammo, unlocking your favourite character, buying the vehicles, boosting the health etc., but to earn Free GTA 5 Money isn’t piece of cake. Below you’ll read the entire process of GTA 5 Money Hacking with which you can easily generate the free money online. GTA 5 Money Generator Designed to generate unlimited free Grand Theft Auto V  Money direct to your GTA 5 game center account.

You may see various websites offering you the Free GTA 5 Money Generator Online but at the end while accessing the GTA 5 Money Hack site you got stuck at the Survey SCAM, beware from such tricks because they all are fake.

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  • 2 Know More About the Grand Theft Auto 5 Game :-
  • 3 -The Submerged Treasure
  • 4 – Gaining a large amount of money from the Stock market.
  • 5 – GTA 5 Money Generator
  • 6 – The Motorcycle Gamble
  • 7 GTA 5 Cheats that you can implement on PC
  • 8 GTA 5 Cheat codes for XBOX One and XBOX 360
  • 9 GTA V Money Hack Patterns for PS3 and PS4



Know More About the Grand Theft Auto 5 Game :-

Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5] is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games & its available on various platforms ,Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360Xbox OneAndroid and iOS. Grand Theft  Auto V is an action-adventure game played from either a first-person or third-person view. Players complete missions—linear scenarios with set  objectives—to progress through the story. Outside of missions, players may freely roam the open world. Composed of the San Andreas open countryside area and the fictional city of Los Santos, the world is much larger in area than earlier entries in the series. It may be fully explored after the game’s beginning without restriction, although story progress unlocks moregameplay content.Grand Theft Auto one of the awesome games that the gaming world has ever seen has evolved a lot. The first game in the Grand Theft Auto series was released in October 1997 and Since then the game has seen a lot of changes. Initially, as the name suggests, it was just a car theft game, but as it evolved, it has become a virtual world wherein you can do anything you want. With every new release of the game in the Grand Theft Auto series the size of the Map increased exponential and the world inside the game became larger. GTA V is the latest release in this series as of 2017 and was one of the most awaited game. Many people all over the world play this game either to enjoy or are very serious about the missions. This article is for those who want to have fun in this vast world. This article is all about money, how you can get lots of money and roam like a millionaire in the streets. This includes cheats, glitches and other means by which you can acquire lots of money. So let’s get started

Before we start with the list you should know that there are no straightforward cheats to get money in GTA V. Yes, there are no special cheat codes that you would type and get the same. But don’t worry, there are other means by which you can acquire money in GTA V. And following is a list that will help you with that. Though there some efforts you have to take, it is worth it.


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-The Submerged Treasure

We all know that GTA V lets you play three different characters Michael De Santa, Trevor Philip, and Franklin Clinton. Now what I am going to explain you is about submerged cash in the sea. To get this money you will require two characters to play the part. Select any two characters you would like to make rich and follow the steps given below.

  1. Select any one character and get him near the beach . Once you reach there, dive into the sea and reach the spot marked with a red square and there you will find the wreckage. now you have to look for two glowing briefcases. The first one is near the airplane and the second is near the wreckage.
  2. Now before you recover those briefcases make sure that the other character should be on the spot. Now, once both are in, correct position respectively, select your first character and recover those briefcases and the moment you are credited with the money immediately switch to the second character. Collect the money and once you are credited with the money switch again to the first character.
  3. When you switch to the first character again you will notice that the briefcase is back again. And then again switch to the second character and grab the money. Do this process back and forth unless you are tired or you feel like you have enough money and you are happy with it.

Thus you have the unlimited source of free gta v money. Next time when you are short on money, you know what to do.

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– Gaining a large amount of money from the Stock market.

This GTA 5 hack is a bit long but it will grant you with lots of cash. By long, what I mean is that to execute this hack it takes over a week in the game itself. Yes over a week!! But as I said this will grant you not infinite but way more money than you can imagine. So let’s get started.

We all know the Assassination missions which is assigned to Franklin by Lester. And the targets are big corporate guys. Now when you assassinate these guys there is a rise or fall in the stock market. Now this hack will help you take advantage of those variations in stock market ultimately making you rich. Follow the steps given below perfectly and you will surely end up rich,  I mean Franklin will.

  1. The first thing you should keep in mind is that you should never complete the assassination missions one after the other. You should wait until all your secret stocks are finished.
  2. The first mission assigned to Franklin by Lester is the Hotel Assassination mission. Complete the mission because it is the part of the story-line. After completing this mission don’t continue with the next one as I mentioned earlier. Just earn enough money and do the following.
  3. Save the game and then invest all of your money in the Beta Pharmaceuticals.
  4. Complete the mission and after you do that immediately go and sell your Beta Pharma stock
  5. Now comes the waiting part. You have to wait for three days, not in real life of course, but in game and then purchase the Bilkington on LCN.
  6. After this, you have to again wait for at least a week. Then you have to sell the Bilkington stock.
  7. Now the next thing you have to do is buy the Debonaire stock on LCN. After this, you have to complete the Multi-target assassination mission which is the second mission. Once you complete the mission sell the Debonaire Stock and purchase Redwood on LCN. Wait for two days in game and then sell the Redwood.
  8. Now before you do the third assassination mission which is the bus assassination mission you have to buy the fruit stock on the BAWSAQ exchange. Complete the third mission and sell the fruit stock.
  9. Now complete the fourth assassination mission. once you complete it buy the vapid stock on BAWSAQ exchange immediately. After this wait for two days and then sell the stock.
  10. Now you will notice that you have earned a lot of money. But that’s not it. Before you complete the fifth assassination mission invest all your money in the Goldcoast. And then sell all your stock immediately after you reach for the final 80% profit. After this, you can complete the other two mission.
  11. Now you will see that you have a lot of cash with you. You can use this money to play with the share market and earn more or do whatever you want.

These were the steps by which you can earn Free GTA 5 Money Online.

– GTA 5 Money Generator

The Biggest modification in Grand Theft Auto’s fifth installation is that there are no cheat codes that you can apply for instant money. But you can always hack this around by using the GTA 5 Hack. There are lots of GTA 5 Money Generator you can find on the internet and use it to add money of your wish. You just have to go to any of these sites, register your GTA 5 account details and then you can add as much money you want. But there can be a risk of scams because all are them are fake so it is up to the user whether they want to use the money generator or not.

– The Motorcycle Gamble

This is another awesome GTA 5 hack you should surely try. This will gain you lots of money, what you just need is patience.  But this hack requires that you have the unpatched version. This because they have removed this glitch from the patched version. You can unpatch your patched version whenever you want but there is a risk of losing your saved data. If you are ready to take the risk then follow the steps given below and you will be rich

  1. To execute this hack you can choose any character you want. now select a character and buy the Bati 801 motorcycle.
  2. Once you buy the motorcycle you have to pause the game, go to options, and there you will find an option named ‘Set your spawn location’. Change the option to the ‘Last Location’.
  3. After this, you have to sell the Bati801 Motorcycle. The moment you sell the motorcycle pause immediately. Then go to the options tab again, in that select swap character. Select the same character you were playing with and resume the game. You will notice that the Bati801 Motorcycle has reappeared.
  4. Now you can sell it again by following the same steps mentioned earlier. You can customize the motorcycle so that you can sell it at a higher price. Always remember to save just be on the safer side.

If you want to do funny things or if you are bored with the missions then you should always try using the various cheats in GTA 5. You can do many things using the cheats in GTA 5. Cheats has always been one of the awesome thing in any Grand Theft Auto game. Following are the various cheats for PC, PS and XBOX.

GTA 5 Cheats that you can implement on PC

Name Code
Flaming Bullets  INCENDIARY
Explosive Melee Attack HOTHANDS
Slow Motion Enter three times for full effect – SLOWMO
Launch into the sky SKYFALL
Slow Motion Aiming Enter three times for full effect – DEADEYE
Spawn Trashmaster TRASHED
Give Parachute SKYDIVE
Moon Gravity FLOATER
Drunk Mode LIQUOR
Invincibility PAINKILLER
Spawn Rapid GT RAPIDGT
Spawn Buzzard Attack Helicopter BUZZOFF
Spawn Stunt Plane BARNSTORM
Max Health & Armor TURTLE
Spawn Come COMET
Recharge Ability POWERUP
Change Weather MAKEITRAIN
Slippery Cars Drifting SNOWDAY
Spawn PCJ-600 Motorcycle ROCKET
Spawn Sanchez Dirt Bike OFFROAD
Slow Down Gameplay SLOWMO
Raise Wanted Level FUGITIVE
Lower Wanted Level LAWYERUP

These were all the cheats for GTA 5 on PC. You just have to hit the tilt button ‘~’ on your keyboard and enter the cheat code that you want to use and press enter.

GTA 5 Cheat codes for XBOX One and XBOX 360

Name Key pattern
Invincibility Right – A – Right – Left – Right – RB – Right – Left – A – Y
Restore Health and Armor B – LB – Y – RT – A – X – B – Right – X – LB – LB – LB


Super Jump Left – Left – Y – Y – Right – Right – Left – Right – X – RB – RT


Recharge Special Ability X – X – A – RB – LB – X – Right – Left – X


Lower Wanted Level RB – RB – B – RT – Right – Left – Right – Left – Right – Left


Low Friction Y – RB – RB – Left – RB – LB – RT – LB
Skyfall  LB – LT – RB – RT – Left – Right – Left – Right – LB – LT – RB – RT – Left – Right – Left – Right
Flame Rounds LB – RB – A – RB – Left – RT – RB – Left – A – Right – LB – LB


Choose your weapon Y – RT – LEFT – LB – A – RIGHT – Y – DOWN – X – LB – LB – LB
Fast Run Y – Left – Right – Right – LT – LB – A


Fast Swim Left – Left – LB – Right – Right – RT – Left – LT – Right
Drunk Mode Y – Right – Right – Left – Right – X – B – Left


Give Parachute Left – Right – LB – LT – RB – RT – RT – Left – Left – Right – LB


Change Weather  RT – X – LB – LB – LT – LT – LT – A
Raise Wanted Level  RB – RB – B – RT – Left – Right – Left – Right – Left – Right
Trashmaster B – RB – B – RB – Left – Left – RB – LB – B – Right


Explosive Melee Right – Left – X – Y – RB – B – B – B – LT
Explosive Rounds Right – A – X – Left – RB – RT – Left – Right – Right – LB – LB – LB


Low Gravity Left – Left – LB – RB – LB – Right – Left – LB – Left
Slow Motion Y – Left – Right – Right – A – RT – RB
Stunt Plane B – Right – LB – LT – Left – RB – LB – LB – Left – Left – X – Y
Sanchez B – X – LB – B – B – LB – B – RB – RT – LT – LB – LB


Caddy B – LB – Left – RB – LT – X – RB – LB – B – X
Buzzard B – B – LB – B – B – B – LB – LT – RB – Y – B – Y
Comet RB – B – RT – Right – LB – LT – X – X – A – RB
Duster Right ,Left – RB – RB – RB – Left – Y – Y – X – B – LB – LB


BMX Left – Left – Right – Right – Left – Right – A – Circle – Y – RB – RT
Limo PCJ-600: RB – Right – Left – Right – RT – Left – Right – A – Right – LT – LB – LB


Rapid GT RT – LB – B – Right – LB – RB – Right – Left – B – RT

These were the cheat patterns for XBOX one and XBOX 360.

GTA V Money Hack Patterns for PS3 and PS4

Name Cheat Pattern
Choose your weapon ∆ – RT – LEFT – LB – A – RIGHT – Y – DOWN – X – LB – LB – LB
Fast Run ∆ – Left – Right – Right – L2 – L1 – []
Fast Swim Left – Left – L1 – Right – Right – R2 – Left – L2 – Right
Explosive Melee Right – Left – X – ∆ – R1 – O – O – O – L2
Explosive Rounds Right – [] – X – Left – R1 – R2 – Left – Right – Right – L1 – L1 – L1
Flame Rounds L1 – R1 – [] – R1 – Left – R2 – R1 – Left – [] – Right – L1 – L1
Recharge Special Ability X – X – [] – R1 – L1 – X – Right – Left – X


Restore Health and Armor O – L1 – ∆ – R2 – X – [] – O – Right – [] – L1 – L1 – L1
Invincibility Right – X – Right – Left – Right – R1 – Right – Left, X – ∆
Super Jump Left – Left – ∆ – ∆ – Right – Right – Left – Right – [] – R1 – R2
Lower Wanted Level R1 – R1 – O – R2 – Right – Left – Right – Left – Right – Left
Raise Wanted Level R1 – R1 – O – R2 – Left – Right – Left – Right – Left – Right
Skyfall L1 – L2 – R1 – R2 – Left – Right – Left – Right – L1 – L2 – R1 – R2 – Left – Right – Left – Right
Give Parachute  Left – Right – L1 – L2 – R1 – R2 – R2 – Left – Left – Right – L1
Drunk Mode ∆ – Right – Right – Left – Right – [] – O – Left
Low Gravity Left – Left – L1 – R1 – L1 – Right – Left – L1 – Left
Low Friction  ∆ – R1 – R1 – Left – R1 – L1 – R2 – L1
Change Weather R2 – X – L1 – L1 – L2 – L2 – L2 – []
BMX Left – Left – Right – Right – Left – Right – [] – O – ∆ – R1 – R2
Slow Motion ∆ – Left – Right – Right – [] – R2 – R1
Comet R1 – O – R2 – Right – L1 – L2 – X – X – [] – R1
Caddy O – L1 – Left – R1 – L2 – X – R1 – L1 – O – X
Buzzard O – O – L1 – O – O – O – L1 – L2 – R1 – ∆ – O – ∆
Limo R2 – Right – L2 – Left – Left – R1 – L1 – O – Right
Duster Right – Left – R1 – R1 – R1 – Left – ∆ – ∆ – X – O – L1 – L1
PCJ 600: R1 – Right – Left – Right – R2 – Left – Right – [] – Right – L2 – L1 – L1
Trashmaster O – R1 – O – R1 – Left – Left – R1 – L1 – O – Right
Sanchez  O – X – L1 – O – O – L1 – O – R1 – R2 – L2 – L1 – L1
Rapid GT R2 – L1 – O – Right – L1 – R1 – Right – Left – O – R2
Stunt Plane O – Right – L1 – L2 – Left – R1 – L1 – L1 – Left – Left – X – ∆
gta 5 money cheats

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